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Comparative Angle Measurement Equipment ACMS-050Self-Calibrable Angle Measurement Equipment SCMS-070Self-Calibrable Rotary Encoder SCMU-070
Comparative Angle Measurement Equipment ACMS-050
Comparative Angle Measurement Equipment ACMS-050
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ACMS-050 is a high precision measuring equipment to measure angles of rotary encoders and various angle sensors.
By adopting the equal-division-averaged (EDA) method, which no etalon is required, you can measure angles reproducibly regardless of external environment.
Characteristic Feature
1. Realizing high precision measurement(less than 0.05 second)
2. Enabling stable measurement regardless of external environment.
3. Low cost and compact
1. Measurement accuracy:Less than 0.05 sec
2. Reference Encoder:225000PPR
3. Input Format of Measured Object:TTL
4. Number of Input Memory: 24CH (2,915,000 pulse)
5. Measurement Time:About 3 minutes (Five heads, Measured Object 36000PPR)
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